Friday, July 15, 2016

Guatemala Mission Trip

Guatemalan Mission Trip 2016 was an event that marked a new beginning in my life.

On July 7,2016 with two of my children, McNair Travel Club, and members of The 100 Black Men of Dekalb County,we traveled to Guatemala on a missions trip. Hug it forward is an Organization that builds bottle schools in Guatemala. we partnered with them on this mission to build a primary bottle school in the community of Chutiabajal, Guatemala. Below are the fruits of our labor...

Not only did the children learn to work hard but, to appreciate the life that they have in the states. Building the school allowed us to be apart of something bigger, greater, exhilarating, and unforgettable. This was the first flight for my children and the first time that they have left the country. The question that I posed to myself was why does it have to stop here? why does a community service project have to be just a project? why can it not be just a way of life? i have made a commitment to my family to make better choices in food and living for God. Living to make someone's life better is just as important. That change started in Guatemala but, there are so many changes that needed in this country and all over the world. Who will take this adventure with me?  Now the Journey begins.......


  1. It was wonderful seeing your children interact with the kids in Guatemala! Zajah & Iriq have a lot to share with their peers!

  2. This is a joy to see. Outstanding work by all involved!